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Harnessing the power of your Cisco network to enhance physical security software and hardware has never been easier. If you already have a Cisco network at your blue-chip company then utilising that network as a platform to deploy electronic access control, and to deliver easy, secure access to live and recorded video is a no-brainer. However, you’re going to need to a company which has the physical security knowhow as well as the networking expertise in order to ensure that this process is managed correctly.

That’s where Pointer come in. Pointer are Cisco partners and within our team we have a raft of Cisco qualifications (‘Selling Business Outcomes’, ‘CSS Sales Fundamentals’ and ‘Internet Of Things Sales Fundamentals”CCNA’ and ‘Implementing Cisco Connected Physical Security’ ).


Pointer have a wealth of experience in the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of Cisco Physical Security Products to a variety of sites and sectors. Corporate customers including GMPTE, Tresham College, Ricoh, Sinopec, Balmoral, and Clark Computers.

A Pointer / Cisco Solution

Use the power of the network to manage safety and security incidents, reduce response time, simplify operations, and reduce costs. Pointer are a Premier Certified Cisco Partner which means we benefit from an increased level of support from Cisco, including access to best-in-class products and services, technical support, productivity tools, online training, and marketing resources. Benefits which we, of course, pass on to our eligible partners.

Systems provide excellent scalability, reliability, and availability, and can lower operational costs. Applications can enable:

  • Integration of large numbers of cameras across multiple sites
  • Full-motion video, high-resolution images
  • 24-hour video storage
  • Analogue and network-based systems

In addition, a Pointer-networked Cisco security system can provide:

  • Remote Web access to live and recorded video
  • Bandwidth-sensitive applications
  • Mobile and wireless deployments
  • Onsite and remote video monitoring
  • Motion-triggered recording
  • Local and remote storage
  • Integration with other security and business systems
  • Typical applications include schools, retail stores, and hospitals

Professional Services

Pointer’s experienced professional services (PS) team works side by side with our clients providing leadership, advice and access to a rich pool of skilled and knowledgeable people.

Our cross sector knowledge and practical experience in both IT and physical security means we can help clients avoid common pitfalls in IP Physical Security by proposing informed and proven solutions.
Pointer’s experienced Professional Services team in IP Physical Security have not only the skills required to perform engineering but also have extensive experience and qualifications in Cisco and Microsoft architectures.

The minimum qualification held is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and all are qualified to degree level. Pointer’s experienced PS team look at the IP network as the foundation for any IP physical security project to connect to therefore always assess, design and consult where appropriate on network changes.

Remote and On-Site Support

Pointer’s remote and onsite support gives you access to an experienced and vendor-certified team of IP physical security specialists.

Our remote service enables Pointer’s technical specialists to diagnose and fix problems on your systems remotely. If a fault cannot be rectified by remote diagnostics, support contract provides onsite visits by a qualified technical specialist.

Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring Service

The PS team offers a Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring Service with a range of management tools that help detect, diagnose and solve IP Physical Security problems before they occur. This service will closely monitor your IP Physical Security infrastructure in order to track performance, monitor the server’s health, and flag potential issues.