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Pointer have a wealth of experience working with clients in the retail sector and have a long legacy of high quality service and technical innovation in this area.

Issues and Value-Adds

Our comprehensive approach to managing risk within a retail environment encompasses video, intruder, access control and fire detection and alarm systems, and our utilisation of networked devices and data-gathering tools mean we can provide a real value-add in terms of:

  • Customer Service: Monitoring footfall with Pointer’s video management systems allows you to know your customers better
  • Health and Safety: Utilisation of Pointer’s video and access technologies can reduce health and safety incidents within the retail environment – systems can provide real-time reporting
  • Reduction of shrinkage and theft rates: High definition video allows for easier identification of suspects in terms of shrinkage and theft
  • Minimum Disruption: Pointer’s ability to offer remote service and maintenance minimises disruption during opening hours


Client A

Pointer provide specialist security, IT and professional services to a leading high street footwear retailer. We design, install, integrate, service and maintain systems – including video, access, and intruder – at nearly 120 branches in the UK and Ireland, and we have also provided specialist consultancy services for new installations across Europe, particularly in Germany.

Pointer have worked on behalf of this retailer during a rapid growth programme over the past decade and continue to innovate and provide value-added services as well as a first-class service.

Client B

Pointer provide video, access control, and intruder systems to a large independent retail consumers’ co-operative which owns nearly 200 supermarkets and employs over 5000 staff. In addition we provide security solutions to the chain’s perfume, and  health and beauty shops throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

In order that we continue to deliver a first-class service to the client and to benchmark our performance and identify areas for improvement in this major contract, Pointer have agreed key performance indicators with them. These KPIs encompass both technical performance and cost effectiveness. Continual review is fundamental in such a relationship and regular review meetings are held in order to discuss both performance against these mutually agreed criteria.

Client C

Pointer design, install, service and maintain fire detection and alarm systems , intruder, and video systems to a major international supermarket chain whose UK stores turn over £4.7 billion annually. We have been working on behalf of this client for over seven years and provide systems to stores (90 stores in Scotland and around 70 in the south-east of England) and to large regional distribution centres (RDCs).

In the past year, we have seen a threefold growth in our business with this customer. This shows how providing excellent service over a number of years to our existing customers can reap dividends in time.