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Banks and Financial

Pointer have a wealth of experience in the provision of tailored security and fire systems at banks, building societies, insurance companies and brokers. This experience has been gained through working on major projects in the UK, as well as in Oman, Thailand and the Philippines.

We provide security solutions to:

  • Corporate Head Offices
  • Nationwide branches
  • ATMs


We have the necessary qualifications to work within the highly secure environments which are typical of the financial sector, and our IT infrastructure is established in line with sectoral guidelines. This is particularly important when we are talking about networked video and access systems. We are experienced and trusted to work with cutting edge technologies in order to provide unique, tailored solutions – such as our utilisation of cloud-storage in our recent project on behalf of Bank Muscat in Oman.


Our major clients in this sector include:

In Oman, Bank Muscat, and the Bank of Beirut. In Thailand, Standard Chartered, and in the UK, two regional building societies. Client confidentiality dictates that we cannot reveal the names of these building societies here, however we can say that for the first of these clients – Client A – the portfolio of sites numbers in excess of 90 (including agencies, branches and remote ATMs), and for the second – Client B – the portfolio covers 9 branches.

Client A required new, resilient integrated physical security systems across their branch network (around 70 sites) in order to demonstrate they have shown a duty of care to their staff under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) (HSAW), and also to protect the Society’s members and customers when on the premises. They also wanted to manage risk to their corporate infrastructure, assets, data, and brand reputation.

Pointer rolled-out a scalable, robust open-protocol solution incorporating a number of elements, which was standardised across the branch network. The integrated system included:

  • CCTV and VMS (Video management systems – in this case we chose Milestone as the integrated system. Pointer are a Milestone Platinum Channel Partner and their innovative product is ideal for this client. The cameras managed by the Milestone solution are Axis – best in class for their low-light technology, and 360-panoramic cameras, providing wider views. Pointer are Axis Gold Partners.
  • EACS (Electronic Access Control) – Pointer selected Nedap for this project.
  • IDS (Intruder Detection System

The threats to financial sector businesses today are changing; as well as the threat to physical property, companies such as Client A also need to ensure that their data is protected. Pointer can provide both logical and physical access control.

The successful delivery of the project required a company with specialist skills in both IT and physical security in order to ensure that every aspect of both disciplines was addressed professionally. Pointer demonstrated we possess both these skills and the experience to deliver projects such as this successfully. Our proven track record in designing and installing integrated security networks to banks and financial sector companies is very good.