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Utilities Sector – Gas

Pointer Ltd have solid experience in the delivery of security solutions projects to the gas market. We have worked for two major UK gas networks over a number of years as a part of framework agreements and have provided systems at a number of sites including gas depots, and gas off-takes plants.


Gas sites are hazardous. In these demanding environments there is a real need to install safe, reliable and robust security systems. Pointer’s solutions for gas sites provide a fully automated ‘cause and effect’ automated monitoring solution providing the operator with ‘live’ CCTV footage of alarm events for a decision on further action. The integrated systems include the monitoring of Intruder Alarm devices, Video Analytics and fence mounted Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems through a Security Management System.


Pointer’s design team have the experience to design systems to G17 standards.

Our Engineering team have SCO and EUSR SHEA Gas accreditations to allow them work on ‘live’ gas sites.

Project Delivery

Works undertaken on these sites have included a variety of electronic security installations which include the following:

  • IP CCTV systems
  • Analogue CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Video Analytics Integrated Systems

Our excellence in managing risk to these sites is fuelled by our in-house expertise at every stage of the project, from the design stage right through to the service and maintenance of the system.


Pointer delivered security installation projects at 11 PRS and Gas Off-Take Sites in South Wales and the South West of England as a function of a successful framework agreement. The project was undertaken over a 9 month period and involved integrated installations at all 11 sites with link up to the client telemetry system for monitoring. The final solution involved an Video IQ backbone platform providing a monitored Video Analytics Detection System for the site which included (on average per site):

  • 4+ CCTV Cameras
  • Keypad for set/unset
  • Integration with a pre-recorded voice system
  • Video Analytics Detection System
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Site Infra Red Lighting Design and Installation