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Case Study – From the Archives – Pointer Design And Install Integrated IP System To One Of UK’s Leading Energy Providers

Pointer have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the adoption of new, smart technologies. Here’s an example of how, even back in 2009, we were proving ourselves to be a leader in the application of internet protocol (IP) based systems for integrated security and asset management. Utilising IndigoVision’s complete IP Video system software, Pointer fully integrated existing security systems at five different locations to ensure more effective surveillance and incident management on behalf of one of the UK’s leading energy providers.

The Challenge

The corporate headquarters of the energy provider was in Glasgow and operations were spread over four further locations.  Each of these sites was independently provided with CCTV, intruder alarm and access control via door entry, gate and barrier systems.  These systems could only be monitored at local level, making security management less flexible and efficient.

The Solution

Using Control Center IP Video from Indigo Vision, Pointer networked all the devices on the system.  This provided effective local or centralised control with the flexibility to view any of the locations from any of the five centres on the network.  A centralised control room at Cathcart House had several control stations that were supplemented by individual monitoring stations at each site.  The addition of IP based intercoms allowed the security staff to communicate between sites and operate as an integrated team.

Cost Effective

The integration was achieved without the need for wholesale replacement and upgrade of existing camera and access control equipment.  IP integration allowed every device on the network to be individually identified and controlled.  Signals from analogue based cameras were translated to digital format for IP transmission.  Rapid broadband data streaming permitted real-time viewing of images and secure recording for later analysis.

Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) captured the images from each camera.  Each site had an NVR, with back-up at HQ, which was activated only if there is an alarm.  This NVR distribution provided a highly resilient recording architecture and used the available broadband most efficiently.

Improved Efficiency

The system boasted several advanced features to improve efficiency, productivity and system integrity.  Recoded images could be rapidly analysed using motion, time or camera location to pinpoint incidents.  Recordings from up to 25 cameras could be analysed simultaneously.

All video was tamper proof to safeguard its evidential integrity and the system could log the actions of the monitoring staff in real time.  Facilities were provided for NVR’s to be located in separate secure facilities, even off site where this was required.

The flexibility of IP based networks and versatility of the Indigo Vision Control Center software allowed for upgrades and extension as needs evolve.  Upgrading older cameras from analogue to digital presented no problems.  Likewise adding another monitoring station to any of the control rooms incurred minimal cost as the software was licensed on a per seat basis and the only other cost above this was the addition of a further PC workstation.

Pointer are an authorised Indigo Vision partner.  Highly qualified teams of technicians have been specially trained and continually updated in the application of Control Center equipment.  This experience allows them to fully exploit the system’s current and future capabilities.