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Product Focus – Access Control Systems

In an age when the expectation is that businesses are managing risk and recognising their responsibility under duties of care, being able to manage the who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s of access to your site has never been more important.

A Pointer access control system utilises the latest in IT and IP technologies in order to ensure that your premises, people and data are protected at all times. After all, the consequences of a breach of your organisation’s place of work in terms of health, safety and security could be reputation destroying.

In the past, the worlds of IT and electronic security rarely overlapped, however the digital revolution has changed the landscape and increasingly allowing IT and electronic security to work from a common infrastructure.


As well as providing maximum protection, all access control systems installed by Pointer also function as cost-effective, fully integrated management information tools. Exception only reporting means that these systems are more straightforward than ever to operate.

Access Control systems and equipment no longer simply provide a means to unlock doors, barriers and turnstiles, but provide security conscious end-users with a platform on which they can build their bespoke security systems.

We monitor what is going on by signalling what shouldn’t be, so there is less process management at every level. And since our systems are all Windows-based, integration with your own LAN, WAN or Intranet is simple too.

Pointer access control systems use the latest in smart card technology, which can be linked to a host of applications, such as vending, car park access or producing cumulative audits of staff flexitime. Systems can provide and link in with networked management of:

  • Site visitors
  • Lobby Access
  • Energy/ IT┬áSystems

The production of audit trails, roll call lists or timekeeping records couldn’t be easier. Updates on name changes, zone access or identity photos is equally uncomplicated, as all software can be configured and managed from your PC workstation.

The end result is the assurance that your staff are protected every minute of every day.

3 Key Benefits Of Access Control Systems

  • Can now increasingly be integrated with other building management systems.
  • Can function as a cost-effective, fully integrated management information tool.
  • With the increasingly widespread use of electronic databases, and in response to threats such as identity theft, modern access systems can demonstrate that you are fulfilling your responsibilities to both your staff and clients.