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Solutions – Cultural and Historic Buildings

Pointer have a wealth of experience in providing solutions to Museums and Sites of Cultural and Historical Significance.


Pointer have provided specialist risk management services to a major national museum across six sites on a national basis. The six sites are mixed – ranging from ships to airfields to listed buildings – and have various individual challenges. We provided a full suite of services to all sites including risk assessment, design, installation, service and comprehensive maintenance. Across the six sites there are upwards of 2000 devices, and we provided an embedded engineer who undertook maintenance works on a full-time basis.

Though we have installed video, intruder detection systems and access control systems across all sites, our integrated systems  included technologies outwith the usual security remit. They include:

  • High-value artwork protection – including video analytics
  • Case alarms – including seismic sensors
  • Key management
  • Control room works
  • IT Professional Services

Sites of Cultural and Historical Significance

Pointer have also acquired great experience and expertise in the delivery of installation, integration, and service and maintenance packages to scheduled monuments and listed and heritage buildings.

We provide specialist services to a customer whose estate comprises over 20 individual buildings (amongst them listed and heritage buildings and the largest medieval gothic
cathedral in Northern Europe). The estate includes over 50 cameras, 25 alarm systems, and upwards of 15 door access systems, all reporting back to the customer’s own central monitoring station.

  • Video analytics (people-counting/ footfall data for new displays, shops etc.)
  • Case alarms (seismic sensors)
  • CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder
  • and more

Working on sites such as this provide their own challenges. Not only are many of the buildings intricately designed and of major historical importance, they are also tourist attractions. Amongst Pointer’s considerations was the fact that data cabling had to be installed by a Krone-approved network cable subcontractor and all cabling had to be undertaken without harming historic and listed building materials. Pointer’s implementation of robust project management was therefore essential.

High specification products were needed to protect the priceless historic artefacts. These assets were going to be made available for general public viewing and had to be fully protected from theft and vandalism. Bespoke high spec. display cabinets were to be provided to house the many objects. The seismic detectors are fully computer  programmable and each display cabinet’s seismic settings can be saved on file for  reference and future servicing, and offer complete perimeter protection. With this solution in place, our customer can rest assured its historic treasures are protected to the fullest.