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Case Study – Museum Made Fit For The Masters

Pointer were in the news last week thanks to our installation of Fire and Security system upgrades at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes (North Yorkshire). The story featured in both The Northern Echo and The Westmorland Gazette (links included below) and is an excellent example of both Fire and Security divisions working together and delivering a project to a tight deadline (the museum was closed to the public in January 2017 and it was imperative they could re-open in February).


Dales Countryside Museum

Dales Countryside Museum is owned and run by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA).

It tells the fascinating story of the Yorkshire Dales and the people who have lived and worked here and shaped the landscape for thousands of years. Located in the former Victorian railway station at Hawes, the museum was redeveloped and extended in the 1990’s and now museum exhibits old locomotives, Viking and Bronze age objects, and also hosts special shows.

The museum required a major fire and security system upgrade in order that they can display high-value artworks (including works by Turner and other renowned artists). The bank vault style security means that the DCM can borrow priceless pieces of art and be insured under the Art Council’s ‘Government Indemnity Scheme’.

Pointer have an excellent track-record of delivering projects at museums and sites of cultural and historical significance, and having previously undertaken minor works at the Museum, we were asked to quote for the works. Following an extensive assessment process, we were chosen as the contractors for both fire and security and, earlier this year delivered the project both on time and on budget, enabling the museum to now bid to show important works.

The fire system installed was an L2 BS5839 type system, manufactured by Advanced and Hochiki. The security system was an upgrade to a Grade 3 system using Galaxy.

Museum manager, Fiona Rosher, said: “We are keen to develop our temporary exhibitions programme to draw more people to the museum, not least residents of the National Park. We want to bring art here that locals might not ordinarily get the chance to see.

“We are looking to loan art and artefacts from large regional and national institutions. The only criterion is that the art is relevant to our mission, which is to inspire people through Dales heritage.”

The YDNPA’s Head of Visitor Services, Julie Barker, said: “This security upgrade is a sign of the DCM’s ambitions. We want to create new experiences that will make the museum viable in the long term and this work places us in a unique position of being able to exhibit material from national collections.

“We are so fortunate to have a museum in the Park dedicated to telling the stories of the people and places of the Yorkshire Dales. Last month we celebrated a successful bid for Lottery money, which will be used to put on display the collections of the former Yorkshire Dales Mining Museum. A lot is going on. Please do think about visiting or re-visiting.”



Dales Countryside Museum website click here

The story in The Northern Echo click here. 

The story in The Westmorland Gazette click here. 

Photo Credit

Photo credit Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. Used by permission.

Photo description: “Safe as a bank vault: steel doors at entrance to John Baker Hall, looking towards the new rolling shutter.”