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Case Study – From the Archives – Larnaca Airport

We’re going back into the archives again today, looking back at a project which once again proves we were ahead of the curve in terms of the adoption of new technologies. This project, at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus, showcases the skillsets we have maintained historically, and our projects teams continue to develop professionally, with regular training organised by Pointer.

Pointer’s project to design, commission, handover and provide training for Video Surveillance and Access Control systems at the duty free area at Larnaca Airport demonstrates the company’s ability to:


– Design and integrate with systems sitting on network.

– Work with other CISCO partners and key stakeholders

– Provide technical expertise for local CISCO partner

– Integrate with existing systems in airport

– Work on system remotely

– Work on a project 5 hours from our home base


The project included the design, supply, commission, training and remote support of Video and Access systems including over 200 IP cameras and 25 controlled doors. The system addressed key client issues of image quality, bandwidth usage and quality of service.

Pointer Technical Design Manager, Majid Rafiq said: ‘The Cisco solution is the only one we have come across that allows you to send soD HTML triggers to and from various systems and it is extremely flexible due to the Linux operating system. We have a very happy customer in Larnaca and look forward to many more with the Cisco solution and Cisco IT Partners.’

The main priority with any IP install, is the Network. If the network is not operating correctly then regardless of what IP Cameras were implemented, it would not function and most likely introduce high latency. One main point advised by Pointer was to utilize a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) for the CCTV & Access Control subnet.

Not only will a VLAN control broadcast domains from one subnet to the other but will also allow logical security. It was also very important to calculate the bandwidth on the trunk links from layer 2 to layer 3 since if you have 24 cameras on a switch with an uplink of 10 Mbps and each camera streaming at 2000 Kbps, you have guessed right, this will not work. Therefore asking the right questions at the beginning is a must.