Security In Any Storm

Security you can rely on when it matters

The Right Direction

Our project teams can set you on the right direction but leave you room to set your own security roadmap

We Scrutinise, Interpret & Analyse Data

Keeping you informed & protected every step of the way

We Harness Risk To Your Business

Allowing your reputation to keep climbing

We've Been Around Since 1972

Pointer have matured into a specialist security solutions provider with real heritage and history

You're Not Looking For An Off-The-Peg Number

You require a tailor-made solution which will fit your business needs

We're Connected

Pointer are specialists in providing Cyber & Physical security, Networked & Integrated Systems

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Our security senses are trained to be smarter & sharper than average. So will your system.

Eagle Eyed

Our systems see the bigger picture, down to the smallest detail.

Proper People, Proper Job

Pointer make it our mission to deliver on what we promise. The reason we are so confident that we will be able to do this is our staff. We have invested in our people – proper people; committed and professional people – in order to provide them with the skillsets and qualifications to do a ‘proper job’. We trust them to work properly, and that’s why you can trust us to manage both large scale projects and national service and maintenance contracts on your behalf.

Pointer Values

Passion – Commitment, Customer Focus

Respect – Communication

Integrity – Trust

Delivery – Positive Attitude, Ownership

Expertise – Developing Staff, Do things right first time, Teamwork


Mission: “To make a realistic profit.”

Vision: “To supply, install, maintain, monitor and service Fire and Electronic Security Systems to blue-chip commercial customers by being the easiest company to deal with and offering value for money.”

What we are is what we do

As you’ll have noticed Pointer re-branded this year. Our new badge shows our engineering heritage: ‘Since 1972’ we’ve been proud of the quality of our work, our commitment to our customers, and our experience and training.

Our logo used to say ‘secure the future’ but now our badge says ‘Inform and Protect’. The reason for this is because our systems and solutions are no longer all about physical security. They’re about more than that. The devices we install are basically big data collectors and this data can be used in many different applications/ circumstances in order to streamline the day-to-day running of your business whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture which is protecting your reputation. We spent a great deal of time and energy on our own branding, so we appreciate you’ll have worked just as hard on your own. For that reason we know just how important it is to protect it.

Our role is to provide data which protects/ enhances your brand and we have skills to provide projects successfully.

Our own new branding speaks directly to our vision and our mission. We are a national, customer-focused contractor who endeavours to provide consistent service across the board. We are passionate about our business and our brand and our values lie at the heart of the business.