The Event Monitoring Centre

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Who, what, where, when and so much more

Wouldn't it be great to have someone keep constant watch over your business and/ or home and to alert the appropriate services as and when required?

With Pointer's Event Monitoring Centre (EMC), established in 1982, that is exactly what you get, whether you are a residential or commercial customer.

We're customer service focused and we can tailor our monitoring/ response packages to your needs. And we can also offer packages which include blue light services, mobile response and keyholding to your site, should there be an event on site.

Pointer's EMC is a state-of-the-art centre which can monitor all types of signalling data, evolving with the latest developments in the marketplace including IP technologies on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis.

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...Not Just Alarms. We Can Monitor :

- IP Video/ CCTV

- Access Control


- Fire

- Intelligent Video

- HD Video

- Building Management Systems

- Energy Management Systems

- Wireless


- Satellite Communications

- Adpro Extralis

- AD Group

- Cisco

- CSL Dualcom

- Lenel

- Panasonic

- Pelco

- S2

- BT Redcare

- Digital Communicator Transmissions

- Emizon

- WebWay 2424 Dual Path Signalling 

EMC Accreditation

Pointer's EMC is approved by National Security Inspectorate and has achieved Gold Certification for the monitoring of both fire & intruder alarm systems, and has achieved BS EN ISO8418 for the monitoring of CCTV Systems.

Pointer's highly trained staff currently monitor systems which come under the categories of multiples (large scale clients with multiple sites), individuals and stakeholder connections (smaller security companies who use Pointer's EMC to receive signals from a site that they have installed).

The centre itself is highly secure with superior protection against fire and lightning. In the event of the rest of the building becoming incapacitated the EMC would continue to operate as normal as it has its own in-built automatic air intake, standby servers auxiliary power supplies and generators.

For more information, use the Contact form provided or e-mail the Event Monitoring Centre on

Please note that all EMC incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.

Remote Monitoring Facts

In the past with the need for a hardwired connection to be able to provide quality video transmission we designed our security systems from the centre out.


It was difficult if not impossible to be able to remotely monitor live video. With IP whether over wired networks or wireless we can design from the outside in making it much easier to specify systems to meet with customers requirements than by our requirements being decided by the limitation and costs of cable runs.


With the increased availability and lowering costs of broadband connections remote video monitoring has also now become much more affordable.