Signalling Upgrade

Signalling Upgrade FAQs

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Q: Why are you offering to change my signalling?

A: In order to future proof your system using the latest technology and to provide the option subject to control panel compatibility for secure remote access.? 

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Q: Is my signalling not working or why is there a requirement to change?

A: Your present signalling is working, however this upgrade would provide dual path signalling to Pointer, compared to present single path, giving an alternative means of sending an alarm signal should one path fail.?


Q: How much will this cost me to change?

A: The upgrade will be carried out completely free of charge


Q: How will this affect my system performance?

A: The operation will remain the same, but the means of signalling alarms to Pointer would change.


Q: Would this change affect my insurance?

A: We would advise that before a decision is made this proposal is discussed with your insurance company.


Q: What is the timescale to accept this proposal?

A: There has been none set at present, however we would appreciate a decision as soon as possible so that upgrades can be scheduled.


Q: If I don't wish/agree to change what will happen to my system?

A: It will continue to operate exactly as it does currently.


Q: If I have any questions not covered by these FAQs, who should I contact?

A: Either of the Engineering Managers; John Stirling or Sean McBride on 0141 564 2500