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In the current climate, people are being made more accountable for their business decisions. Which is why you need to employ a security and fire systems provider you can trust in terms of project management and service provision.

You require systems on your site which support a safe and secure business environment. You want to be able to address serious threats to staff, property and key data. You want to be able to protect against terrorist activity, against intruders, against unwanted access to your site/ systems, against malicious damage and vandalism, against shrinkage and against any other breaches of your security protocols.

Importantly, you also want to be able to ensure business continuity and you want to be able to protect your company or organisation's reputation at all costs.

And yet at the same time, you want to be able to ensure every penny spent is fully accounted for and shows return on investment. The costs involved have to be effective. And if possible, value-added services/ products are desirable.

A Pointer Solution will evaluate

        - Risk

        - Threat

        - Vulnerability

We provide a technical countermeasure which is

         - Future Proof: Benefits from Advances in technology

         - Responds to Threat levels changes

         - Expandable

And which can also help to lower operational costs

All Solutions are unique 

We work with you in order to understand your expectations and the problem you wish to address. And we'll offer you a tailored solution which is a perfect fit for your site because we recognise that all businesses and organisations are unique and have their own unique issues.

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