What is your product requirement?

CCTV Camera on wall

The advent of broadband, growing demand for higher definition images in the consumer marketplace, the expectation that security can be a One-Stop Solution, and the need for Superior Technology have all contributed to this landscape change.    And not only are there a great deal of new products on the marketplace, there is also a large amount of churn. The security world has come to resemble the IT world now in many ways. Indeed the products have now become subject to Moore's Law as much as any IT product.

In addition to long-term relationships with our customers, we are also committed to longstanding partnerships with a number of world-class suppliers.

- GE (17 years)

- Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. - Panasonic (16 years)

- Honeywell (14 years)

- Dedicated Micros (12 years)

- Pelco (9 years)

- United Technologies Corporation - Lenel (6 years)

- Indigovision (6 years)

- Cisco (2 years)

However, we are product agnostic and will recommend the right product rather than simply choose the easy option.


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