What Type of Site/ Facility do you have?

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The type of facility to want to secure often has ramifications for the type of system required.

There might also be additional legislation you need to be aware of when selecting a security system or a security provider in your sector.

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All Solutions are unique...

Despite our specialisms in certain market areas, all Pointer solutions are unique.

We work with you in order to understand your expectations and the problem you wish to address. And we'll offer you a tailored solution which is a perfect fit for your site because we recognise that all businesses and organisations are unique and have their own unique issues.

Talk to us today. It's the first step towards building the solutions team and service you deserve.

...But our Service is consistent

The system or site may be unique, but the way we'll manage your project from Cradle to Grave is not. We'll manage according to Prince2 methodology, according to agreed priorities and acording to any Service Level Agreements.

Comprehensive Tailored Solutions to meet Your Needs

1. Identification of Security Threat and Risk Mitigation Assessment


2. Solution Design


3. Proposal and Assessing of Network Risk


4. Integrated Solutions including Installation, Commissioning, Training, Service & Maintenance


5. Remote Diagnostics, Issue Resolution & Support