How can we add value?

We know how important it is that you account for every penny in these uncertain financial times.

And that's why we stress that a Pointer solution is flexible, adaptable and can value-add to your business. A Pointer Solution becomes about more than just Security. It's about how you manage your business...

Here's how we can value-add at each stage of the contract:

Innovation 2
Design Schematic

Design, Product Stage

- Proof of concept (We make sure the Solution will work prior to commencing the job, managing additional costs)

- Innovation Centre (Test Site - we rigorously test all new technologies and equipment we will be using to ensure its robustness.)

- Plan, Do, Review Principle


- We're flexible about our working relationship, whether we work directly for you or through a tiered supply chain or via a facilities management company.

- Integration into building and energy management systems for cost effectiveness.

Circuit Board2


- Remote maintenance - reduces costs with the option of increasing frequency of checks to ensure your system is working at its optimum performance.


- Remote Servicing -


- Ability to manage access control systems remotely

- Lone-worker remote monitoring

- Video analytics

Customer Service and Training

- Administration of Access Control systems including the ability to issue cards remotely.

- We carry out security and fire audits and risk assessments.

- Reporting - via our Corporate Dashboard and Sentinel Plus.

- Training