Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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As ANPR technology is improved and developed the hardware is becoming
ever cheaper and more affordable to the public, so the number of applications we will see in the future for automatic number plate recognition will only increase,
improving the driving experience for all.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems have moved from being used almost exclusively by governments, military and police in high security applications, to more main stream security projects on behalf of an increasing number of clients.

For many large organizations implementing ANPR can reduce substantially, recurring manpower costs associated with simple tasks as controlling vehicle access to secure areas, and prohibiting vehicles from going where they are not allowed.

How can ANPR help your business?

ANPR is basically a surveillance tool which reads and recognises the licence plates on vehicles and can therefore be utilsed in a number of market sectors, including:

- Petrol Station Forecourts

- Car Parks

- Car Rental Outlets

- Shopping Centres

- Government facilities

- MOD facilities

- Offices

As the software developments, (commonly called 'software engines'), behind the more visible aspects, i.e. the cameras themselves, continue to improve, more opportunities exist to deploy ANPR technology in security solutions, or as stand alone systems for industrial or commercial premises. With ANPR, you can stop those unwanted driveaways, track suspect vehicles or you can reward a regular customer.

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 Why Pointer for your ANPR System?

Pointer is one of the leading integrators in the field of ANPR. We have installed many systems in strategic locations such as airports and seaports, where the demands and expectations of the client are extremely high.

3 Key Benefits of ANPR Systems

- Contrary to what you might think, ANPR technology is not just used for issuing speeding tickets. Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is actually an aid to improving driving conditions in many areas.


- For stores, malls, can be aligned to the customer loyalty schemes, i.e.  a supermarket can utilise ANPR in the car park to identify regular visitors.


- Perhaps one of the most common uses of ANPR at the moment is on garage forecourts preventing people from filling up at the petrol pump and then driving away. In this instance if a vehicle leaves without paying then the details of that car are forwarded to the police.