Intruder Alarm Systems

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Counting the Cost

The cost of a break-in at your premises could be vast.
Protecting your business, employees, visitors and computer systems is key.

At Pointer, we understand this and we will design a custom system that will:

 * delay

  * detect,

  * assess

  * respond to any intrusion on your premises

what do you need to protect 1

Our approach ensures that your system is:

           - user-friendly,

           - trouble free and,

           - effective

           - meets the latest British and European Standards.

Pointer's intruder alarm solution is highly informative and effective. A Pointer system  can improve both integrity and service levels.

In addition, it can provide a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs.

From our state-of-the-art Event Monitoring Centre (EMC) we can monitor all types of systems 24 hours a day, 365 days.

We also provide round the clock engineering support and maintenance. If a fault occurs, one of our highly skilled engineers will be on hand to diagnose and solve the problem, 24/7 365.

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