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Project Delivery

Pointer has a wealth of experience in the delivery of large-scale physical and logical security integration projects throughout the UK for blue-chip clients who recognise the importance of managing risk to their businesses. These projects have been delivered both as prime contractors, or working on behalf of Tier 1 contractors, and they can vary from 3 months to 18 months duration.

Irrespective of size, value or degree of difficulty, the same level of commitment and professionalism is given to every project. Pointer has an ethos of ‘Cradle to Grave’ systems and pride itself on maintenance during and after installation, using Prince2 methodology to ensure that the Project Risk is always managed.

Pre-installation planning and co-ordination is key to delivering a successful project for our clients. Pointer’s team is capable of managing subcontractors, and working closely with specialist contractors throughout the entire project. If a change to the program is necessary, then having the confidence of the client and others working with us, including suppliers, makes it easier to implement these changes and keep within the overall schedule. Change control procedures are used and agreed with the customer prior to being acted upon.

Often the installation and subsequent maintenance needs to be carried out whilst minimising disturbance to the normal day to day activities of our clients. The correct level of planning and co-ordination during installation and efficient and effective planning with Pointer’s dedicated 24 hour help line ensure that Pointer meet this key objective.

Prince 2 and Managing Project Risk

In all major projects Pointer work to Prince2 project management methodology and principles.
Carrying out business/ project Risk Assessments is key to Pointer’s business process.

A key part of Pointer’s use of Prince2 methodology is a clear understanding of the Customer’s business requirements. Pointer ensures that the whole scope of the Project is understood and where possible understand the Customer’s Operational Requirements as well as installation and maintenance timeframes.

Pointer understand that information Security is of vital importance during the installation and maintenance of security systems. All Pointer’s personnel and sub-contractors are briefed to the correct level of any disclosure of the project.

Business Impact

Pointer Ltd install and maintain key systems for customers and by understanding the Customer’s Business and Operational needs ensure that service level agreements are maintained to the highest standard.

We have in place the following resources:

  • Contract Management Team
  • Engineering Resource
  • Service Management system
  • Business Excellence Approach
  • IT backup
  • Learning and Development team
  • Personnel Support
  • Supplier Partnerships specific to projects

Project Skillsets

Pointer has the ability to undertake risk assessments, technical designs and technology assessments, including audits, in addition to its core skills of installation, service and maintenance.

Logical and physical security integration services utilising multiple security applications including:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Numberplate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Command & Control Centres
  • Audio Detection and Communication
  • Gates, Turnstiles & Barriers
  • Ground & Marine Radar
  • Vehicle, Baggage & Personnel Screening

Lenel OnGuard, Cisco and Microsoft certified engineers support clients when the company utilises new and existing IT infrastructure to provide the backbone for solutions. This ensures that the client IT departments have confidence to introduce security applications across the LAN or WAN.

Pointer also provides transition engineers who are embedded with the client for a number of days following a system handover; this ensures that clients are fully conversant with system procedures, capabilities and operations.

Project Administration and Management Reporting

Here at Pointer, we know that a security project isn’t just about screwing the product on the wall. It’s about the whole entity, the ‘Pointer experience’. We’re here to take the headache away and to make your working lives easier by doing what we do best, managing your project from cradle to grave, from initial enquiry right through the design, installation, service and maintenance stages.

We know you value being kept in the loop as far as the project is going. We offer an open and honest relationship in which we’ll keep you informed at every stage, providing you with salient information so that you’ll have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.

We’ve a wealth of experience working with large, multiple site clients – often as a function of NEC contracts – and we’ve developed administrative, reporting and updating systems to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

When starting out on a relationship with Pointer, we’ll take the time to talk to you regarding Key Performance Indications for a project. We’ll find out exactly what you need in terms of reports, invoicing, documentation, and how often this type of information is required. And we’ll talk to you on a regular basis, whether on a weekly conference call, or at a scheduled site meeting, or at our local premises. And we won’t simply throw a batch of meaningless paperwork your way. We’ll email, or post, up-to-the minute reports and updates. Meaning that we can ensure you’re happy at every stage of the project.