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Our project teams can set you on the right direction but leave you room to set your own security roadmap

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Keeping you informed & protected every step of the way

We Harness Risk To Your Business

Allowing your reputation to keep climbing

We've Been Around Since 1972

Pointer have matured into a specialist security solutions provider with real heritage and history

You're Not Looking For An Off-The-Peg Number

You require a tailor-made solution which will fit your business needs

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Pointer are specialists in providing Cyber & Physical security, Networked & Integrated Systems

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Our security senses are trained to be smarter & sharper than average. So will your system.

Eagle Eyed

Our systems see the bigger picture, down to the smallest detail.

Service and Maintenance

Mission-critical systems need first-class service and maintenance from a provider you can trust. We’re talking complex systems here, and regular maintenance serves to ensure the system is operating to its optimal level and design requirements. High quality maintenance can also maximize working life of the system.

With a Pointer Maintenance contract, you can rest assured that you will be provided with a resilient, consistent level of service across the board at multiple sites.

Service and Maintenance is one of the jewels in Pointer’s crown. We’re rightly proud of the service we continually deliver to our clients in a diverse range of sectors. It’s the reason why so many of our key accounts keep coming back to us. We are committed to the provision of consistent levels of service and maintenance of security systems for national multi-site corporate accounts customers. In addition, we have successfully delivered support and maintenance to a large number of strategic security installations for over forty-five years.

Service and Maintenance Principles

  • Consistency – Across the board, across the country, we offer the same high levels of service to you.
  • Comprehensive – Our Service and Maintenance schedules are comprehensive, ensuring your system works to its full capability.
  • Personnel – Engineers are on call 24hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our dedicated Service and Maintenance team comprises supervisors and engineers with specialist skills and training in specified equipment / sectors. We have partnerships with established suppliers and manufacturers which helps to provide ongoing training and support for engineers.
  • Engineer Skillsets – A Pointer engineer is expected to be familiar with and trained on a wider range of products than the average security engineer.
  • First Time Fix – Engineers carry a comprehensive range of spares to strive for first time fixes.

Remote Maintenance, Diagnostics and Service

Pointer’s remote and onsite support gives you access to an experienced and vendor-certified team of IP physical security specialists.

Our remote service enables Pointer’s technical specialists to diagnose and fix problems on your systems remotely. This means you can have a faster-fix, or we can at least diagnose the problem to ensure we have the right parts when our qualified technical specialist visits your site to repair the fault.

In a commercial environment, remote servicing also means you can address duty of care concerns because it can mean that staff no longer have to wait until a qualified technical specialist arrives.

Remote maintenance reduces costs with the option of increasing frequency of checks to ensure your system is working at its optimum performance.

Remote servicing cuts cost implications of travel to site.

Technology Partners


Cortech, Milestone, Genetec, Xtralis, Indigovision


Bosch, Axis, Samsung, Geutebruck, Panasonic, Altron, Cisco, 360 Vision


NEDAP, Honeywell, WinPak, PAC, Amag, Cisco, Progeny, Paxton


Commend, Zenitel


Honeywell, OPTEX, Siemens, UTC, Knight

PIDS (Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems)

Geoquip, South West Microwave, Detection Technologies, Gallagher, Optex

Hatch protection – Intruder

Sentinor, CNIGuard