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Pointer Dashboard & Call-Logging Portal

Pointer has a strategic objective of forming long-term business relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. These relationships are based upon openness, trust, honesty and co-operation. Two new innovations show our commitment to delivering a better, more convenient, and more informative service to our customers.

Pointer Dashboard

We can produce a wealth of management reports to our major customers whose operations are based over multiple-sites in order to demonstrate improved quality of customer service, identification and implementation of innovative business solutions, cost control and acceptable profit throughout the duration of a contract.

All our reporting is collated from our live service management system and online dashboards. Prior to the initiation of a major multiple-site contract, Pointer would meet with your key staff in order to ascertain what management reporting functions would be required and what Key Performance Indicators would drive these reports.

We monitor our performance on the contract against agreed KPIs in order to deliver an excellent service. We keep track of the % of response and attendance at site within timescale prescribed in the contract; the % of call outs completed with a first time fix, the % of follow on actions completed within the timescales prescribed in the contract and % of staff turnover on the contract.

And now, our Dashboard is available to major multiple-site customers too, so you’ll be able to see in real-time how we’re doing against our agreed Key Performance Indicators. We will also produce for you meaningful management reporting functions at agreed timescales (monthly or quarterly) which then enables us to drill-down into individual areas of the contract in order to identify key areas for improvement.

Specific reports requested might include:


  • New sites and Payment Profile
  • Invoices Raised

Service & Maintenance (Service Levels – KPIs)

  • Maintenances completed within target month
  • Reactive calls allocated within one hour
  • Reactive calls within a four-hour response
  • Reactive calls within a 24-hour response
  • Reactive calls closed within 12 hours
  • First-Time Fixes

Reports can help to guide:

  • Short, Medium and Long-term objectives
  • Preventative maintenance performance measurements
  • Emergency repair performance measurements
  • Financial criteria
  • Technical performance review
  • Training
  • Scheduled review meetings

Highly-secure Call-logging portal

In order to provide clients with the an additional way to log calls other than via the service desk we have developed a new highly-secure call-logging portal, which enables major multiple-site customers to book in service and maintenance calls at their convenience. This also gives visibility of all open calls by site. As an additional benefit, you will have the ability to view your asset list for all sites.