Water Company Maintenance Contract

Project Scope

In December 2012, Pointer were awarded a maintenance contract with a well-known water company to provide service and maintenance to over 500 sites. This contract was subsequently renewed in 2015 with 2 x 1-year extensions to follow and was recently renewed again for another year in December 2018.

It involved the use of Integrated security systems including SMS, PIDS, CCTV, intruder and Access control

Pointer have a wealth of experience of working with Watercress Hatch Protection systems on behalf of water companies throughout the UK. We have installed and serviced this equipment for approximately twelve years across a number of contracts in the UK and Pointer are in a very small group of companies that are experienced in installing and providing a maintenance service on these hatch protection systems.


This contract is managed by a Contract Manager who has a team of Engineers operating within the contract. These engineers are fully trained and certified to work on Watercress systems which include the following variants:

  • Watercress 1
  • Watercress 3
  • Watercress 3+
  • Watercress 4

In the early days, the engineering team were attempting to locate sites via postcode, but quickly learned that grid reference was a much more accurate tool to locate sites. In addition, the local engineering team used standard vans as their works vehicle, but it was soon understood that some of the sites included within the contract could not be accessed with standard 2-wheel drive vehicles and there would a requirement for 4×4 vehicles (particularly in winter months). This was a lesson learned early in the contract and new 4×4 vehicles were procured for engineering staff on this contract.