Power Company System Installation and Upgrade

Pointer Ltd are involved in a long term framework contract for installation works with a Power company to install new systems and upgrade existing systems. This company is one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing energy companies, employing over 20,000 team members at more than 150 locations throughout the UK. This partnership has been in place now for over ten years with Pointer delivering a large variety of systems across their estate across the UK.

Project Scope

Systems are installed across a variety of sites including challenging substation and Power Station environments. In recent years the power substation (generation) infrastructure has grown at an accelerated rate due to the change in power generation from coal powered power stations to onshore and offshore wind farms. This has resulted in Pointer being employed direct by the company to install a large number of security systems at large substation sites to cope with the new power generation and associated infrastructure. In 2016, this customer approached Pointer with a requirement for thermal monitoring of their substation apparatus. The requirement was based on Thermal PTZ camera technology with comparison software included within the camera to allow 3 different parallel busbars to be compared in terms of excessive heat and monitored for early warning of a fault condition occurring.


The thermal heat produced by the busbars should be similar within a tolerance of circa 10%. In the event that one of the busbars exceeded heat by more than 10% of the other 2 busbars, an alarm would be generated and sent to the ARC. The ARC could utilize the analogue cameras to review the general area and control the thermal camera to review ‘live’ heat being produced on each busbar for further action.

In addition, Pointer have been heavily involved in the installation of a number of CNI categorized sites from 2009 – 2012.