Long Term Retail Project

We have carried out projects on an ongoing basis for a big retailer who owns 700 stores and 12 regional distribution centres across the UK. On a larger scale they own a grand total of over 10,000 stores worldwide! In the 10 years that we have been working with them, we have installed various security systems in 200 of these locations with scope to continue adding more locations in the future.

Project Scope

This customer was concerned by relatively high crime rates in their retail stores, and sought to minimise shoplifting and vandalism and damage caused by break ins. They also wanted to monitor distribution centres to ensure that employees are working to best practices and following health and safety procedures alongside protecting assets.


Each of the stores had different requirements and the Pointer team were flexible in adapting to this. Across some of the stores, we installed CCTV using the latest IP systems from Hanwha. This provides high definition, digital images which allows for not only recognition of events and people but also clear identification.

Some locations required Intruder Alarms. These were to help protect any company assets as well as act as a deterrent to any potential intruders. For this we used Honeywell Galaxy systems.

Another system that we have installed is Fire Alarms. For this we have used Advanced Electronic who provide us with a touch screen repeater panel. This allows access to Active Maps which allows any image from a technical drawing, a zone plan, photograph, even a Google Map image to be used to display fire info, with multiple views available allowing users to interrogate the status of zones in a site from different angles or scales.

This retailer has a dedicated account manager with us who manages all their projects from start to finish, providing outstanding customer service and a personal service to better suit their needs. One of many reasons why they have stayed with us for 10 years for their specialist security solutions.