Multinational Automotive Manufacturer

This French based multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles is the parent company to many large, well known brands, reporting a revenue of €65.2 billion in 2017.

The company were having issues with their security service provider. Their systems needed updated, but they felt that they were getting a sub-standard service with their current provider. They had been recommended to Pointer and they got in touch to come up with a solution.

They wanted a stage by stage approach to update one part of their system at a time, including CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Speed Gates and Geoquip Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems.

After meeting with this customer, we began work to update their CCTV to IP cameras and we did this using Milestone. This would help to improve the quality and resolution of images captured. It would also help with their analytics. They would be able to better gauge how their customers move through their stores, where they spend most of their time, how they interact with certain displays and much more.

This company also wanted their intercom to be integrated with the CCTV and we were able to do this for them. When updating the CCTV, we utilised their existing infrastructure and then used Veracity Longspan to expand coverage over a greater distance.

We are currently upgrading their Perimeter Intruder Detection System from Linux System to the most up to date Windows Version. This is because their current system was unsupported and had become obsolete.

Going forward, we plan to update their Access Control from Casi Rusco to Nedap which we will then fully integrate to Milestone VMS.