Shoe Retailer

We have an ongoing working relationship with a major shoe retailer who own over 118 stores in the UK and Ireland alone. Established in 1981, and based in Scotland, they have shown steady growth in stores, all of which need protected on a day to day basis to protect staff, customers and company assets.

The main goal, as with most retailers, is to protect assets from theft. This company also wanted to protect against fraudulent cards and cash and monitor the sales floor. Another security issue that we flagged up on our audit was that they were not monitoring back exits that employees were using.

Upon review of the current systems that this company were using, it was clear that the equipment that they had chosen was very expensive and unnecessary. We discovered that they could be using a different supplier and get the same, if not better, results for a lower cost. In order to switch to a more cost-effective supplier, we scheduled replacements as soon as an old recorder failed and then we replace it with a recorder from Hanwha. This step by step process means that the company is not left with a large bill for replacing equipment that still works.

We also installed intruder alarms with a dual path signalling device using GPRS and IP Networks. This allows an external monitoring centre to monitor any alerts or alarms that occur. Having a dual path system means that if one of the connections is down or has been cut, there is another path that the signals can take to reach their destination so that alerts can still be received and monitored. This provides a much more reliable service.

We continue to work with this retailer to ensure that systems are properly maintained and up to date as well as continuing to replace old CCTV cameras and recorders when they become obsolete.