Electric Cars

In the last 6 months we have brought 7 electric cars onto our fleet and we expect to add another 2 in the coming months. Once we do this, they will then make up over 10% of our car fleet. 

We aim to use this opportunity to learn more about the electric cars and see for ourselves what benefits they can offer us.

Some benefits that we hope that it will bring us include helping us to lower our emissions, along with lower maintenance costs whilst still providing high quality performance for our colleagues. 

We are uncertain about how the electric cars will hold up for some of our longer journeys as we know that the range of the car will be somewhat limited. It will also be interesting to see how the charging infrastructure performs and also how much time colleagues will need to spend charing their cars.

We know that electric cars will not be suitable cars for all of our colleagues and for this reason we are not making any plans at this time to change the majority of our fleet to electric. We want to make sure that changes to our fleet aren’t going to affect the service that we provide to our customers and that is why, for now, it makes sense to have a diverse fleet to make sure that our transport is reliable and suitable for the journey that it needs to take.

Colleagues have chosen a variety of different cars so we will get so see a range in performance and find out which models perform the best for us. Some of the chosen models include the Jaguar ipace, ID3 and a Polestar 2.