Celebrating 30 Years of Partnership with BSIA

We have just celebrated 30 years of partnership with BSIA!

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

Their members are responsible for more than 70% of privately provided UK security products and services (by turnover) including the manufacture, distribution and installation of electronic and physical security equipment and the provision of security guarding and consultancy services. Their members are industry professionals ranging in size from global companies to small and medium enterprises, offering quality products and services to a vast spectrum of end-users. BSIA Membership is the symbol of quality and professionalism in the security industry.

To mark the occasion of reaching this 30 year milestone, we were presented with an award by Chief Executive Mike Reddington who had this to say;

‘The BSIA would like to celebrate the support over the last 30 years of Pointer Ltd and would like to personally thank Sandy and his team for their continued engagement, playing a crucial role in developing and shaping the professional security industry.’

Long may this partnership continue as we continue to work together to innovate and develop in the industry, holding each other accountable and pushing ourselves and others in the industry to do more.