Spectacular Colleague Event for Pointer's 50th

Pointer colleagues from across the UK gathered in Glasgow last month to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company

Over 130 co-workers from the Pointer family came together at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow to partake in a conference and dinner to celebrate the company’s 50 years as a family-owned business. The entire staff of Pointer, Pointer Fire and JGE were invited, many travelling from our offices down South.  Was it well received by the staff?

The event consisted of a conference and a dinner, followed by a party. Colleagues rated the overall event as 4.74 stars out of 5 which is very positive for a first-of-its-kind event for the company.

Speakers were invited from StrategyStory and SimPRO to present at the conference – the company has recently worked with StrategyStory on using staff voices to shape the company’s strategies. Pointer are also working with SimPRO on updating our current systems to improve workflow and efficiency within the business.

There was a panel discussion with the directors and two colleagues hosted by StrategyStory which took questions from the audience and that lead to some open and honest conversations about the direction the business is headed. One colleague said:

“Was happy with the panel questioning. Shows that upper management are willing to listen and talk about things. Great to see!”

After the conference there was an awards ceremony weaved throughout the dinner courses. There were 9 staff-nominated ‘Extra Mile Awards’, A ‘Most Improved Area of the Business’ award, a ‘Delivering Excellence’ team award and a ‘Colleague Collaboration Award’. The awards ceremony was well received, one guest said that it was ‘good to see the excitement’ as the awards were being given and that colleagues were ‘very proud’ and ‘very happy’ to be recognised for the accolades.

Once the dinner had concluded, Velvet Noir, a local band performed modern hits as staff danced the night away until the event came to a close. The cake was well received by colleagues and created by Designer Cakes by Paige, in Glasgow.  

The company is grateful for the engineers who remained on-call throughout the event!