Committed to a Sustainable Future

In anticipation of World Earth Day, we proudly share our unwavering commitment to sustainability with a pledge to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2044. Find out how we plan to achieve that going forward!

In anticipation of World Earth Day, we are thrilled to share Pointer Ltd’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, as we pledge to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2044. Here at Pointer, we’ve embraced a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, charting an impressive trajectory in reducing our carbon footprint since 2019, surpassing targets, and setting new benchmarks for sustainable practices.

Since the inception of our sustainability journey, we’ve prioritised action, slashing Scope 1&2 emissions by a remarkable 28%—a feat that surpasses even the most ambitious projections. This achievement underscores our proactive approach to mitigating environmental impact as a business and in our industry.

Central to Pointer’s sustainability ethos is our internal culture of education and empowerment. We actively invest in training programs designed to equip our colleagues with the knowledge and tools necessary to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. Notably, initiatives such as the adoption of dual-screen technology have improved operational practices, significantly reducing our reliance on paper documentation and printing.

Furthermore, we’ve embraced renewable energy solutions as a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. Since 2019, we’ve transitioned to sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable suppliers, a testament to our unwavering commitment to clean energy. Additional measures, including the implementation of energy-efficient LED lighting and boiler upgrades, further underscore Pointer Ltd’s dedication to resource conservation and emission reduction.

Despite significant progress, we remain acutely aware of the challenges posed by fuel consumption, particularly in our company vehicle fleet. To address this concern, we’ve embraced the transition to electric vehicles, with EVs now comprising 10% of our total fleet. Complemented by ECO training programs for company vehicle drivers, this initiative reflects our proactive approach to tackling our most significant emission source head-on.

Beyond our internal operations, Pointer Ltd extends our sustainability ethos to our broader ecosystem, requiring partners to adhere to stringent environmental standards. Sustainability criteria are integrated into our supply chain risk assessment, with partners mandated to submit verifiable data demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection.

As we mark World Earth Day, our resolute commitment to sustainability can be seen across our business. Through proactive measures, innovative solutions, and a steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility, Pointer remains focused on a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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