Innovative use of security and analytics so that we can add the most value to your Automotive business.

Working with clients in the Automotive industry, we understand the security threats that you face and have successfully adapted security systems that reflect this. Along with the standard uses of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarms, we have innovative uses to attend to your other needs including;

  • Key Management: Using access controlled cabinets, you can monitor who takes keys and whether they have been returned. It can also be personalised to each person only allowing certain keys for certain people.
  • Forecourt Radar: Get notifications when someone enters your showroom so that you are always on time to greet a customer.
  • Footfall tracking: Generate reports based on footfall tracking to find out what the most attractive parts of your showroom are so that you can plan your layout to optimise sales

In an industry that values innovation, we understand that it is not just physical assets that need protected but also intellectual property. Our custom designed solutions will help you to manage your risk and restrict access where appropriate. All systems are designed with cyber security in mind and all of our systems are built on a secure network to limit the risk from cyber attacks.

Speak to an experienced advisor today about issues that you are facing that we can help you with.