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Threats to a Modern Business

Potential cyber-attacks can cause serious damage to your reputation which could lead to loss of clients and even possible prosecution if you have neglected to protect your customer’s details. All of this can be avoided if you implement a cost effective cyber secure solution with ongoing support to make sure your systems are always up to date and protected.

When looking for a security solution there are 3 key elements to consider, apart from the obvious things such as are the cameras covering the right areas? Have the doors got the right readers etc. The 3 key elements are:

Security of Devices

Security of Deployment

Security of Network Connectivity

To learn more about how we protect our customers from cyber threats then click on the button below to read our whitepaper about ‘Physical Security and the Cloud’. This whitepaper looks at the increase of Cloud Technologies to support Physical Security and the increased involvement in the IT department to facilitate such changes. Using studies from a report by HID and a whitepaper published by Axis to support our findings and demonstrate what Pointer can do to integrate these systems in a secure and efficient way.