Cyber Security

Is your security system Cyber secure? We are dedicated to securing all elements of our security system, including the network that they are part of

Potential cyber-attacks can have serious implications for your business including damage to your reputation which could lead to loss of clients and even possible prosecution if you have neglected to protect your customers. Are you aware that your security system could be vulnerable to such attacks if it has not been secured correctly. 

We take a 3-pronged approach to protecting our customers.

Integrity of Devices

We only work with suppliers who can prove and document exactly how and where their products are made. Our suppliers are accredited and leaders within the industry.

Integrity of Deployment

Ensuring Integrity of Deployment by using our own specially selected engineers and subjecting ourselves to regular external audits, showing our customers that we work to high standards.

Securing the Network

Finally we close your security network off from external threats, using only encrypted data when we need remote access.

Protecting your security system does not stop there, Cyber security is an ever-changing environment which is why we maintain your system on a regular basis, keeping it up to date and making sure we deliver the most secure system to put your mind at ease. We also offer Cyber Security Audits to help you to figure out what changes need to be made to make sure that you are meeting compliance obligations and keeping your business safe.