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Fire Risk Assessment

Providing qualified risk assessors to indicate potential risks so that you can develop a proactive response to protect your people and assets while also remaining compliant with government legislation.

Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 since October 2006. They are a recognised and auditable standard, designed to provide the Responsible Person with a clear and concise report allowing them to understand any potential fire risk within their premises.


A Fire Risk Assessment Report will offer advice and guidance on actions required to reduce potential fire risk and comply fully with current standards and requirements.

Protect your People

Any workplace requires a Fire Risk Assessment if more than five persons are employed or members of the public are within the building at any time, providing them with a safe place to work.

Protect your Assets

A Fire Risk Assessment will help to determine actions that can be taken to prevent fires that could destroy your assets and prove fatal to your business. 

Failure to comply with all Fire Safety Legislation is a breach of the law. Enforcing authorities have the power to make the responsible person arrange a Fire Risk Assessment if one is not in place. Also, they can issue enforcement and prohibition notices. Ultimately, if Fire Safety legislation is not followed, the end result can be prosecution.

Contact Us today to allow us to facilitate a Fire Risk Assessment at your premises, helping you to manage your risk, meet compliance obligations and protect your people and assets from potential fire risks.