With the latest technologies, expert people and cyber capabilities, we have what it takes to work on Government Buildings.

Our experience in this sector equips us with the ability to understand the challenges faced in these environments. Often the buildings have areas open to the public as well as highly secure areas that need to be properly protected.

We use the latest technologies from quality suppliers to design, install, integrate and maintain Fire and Security systems that are built with your needs in mind. All technologies are from trusted manufacturers and we can trace back the origins of each part to ensure that it is created with the highest integrity.

One element that is important for this sector is to ensure that the system is not vulnerable to cyber attacks. We secure your security network to make sure that it is protected from cyber threats and that attackers can not gain access to your data through your security systems.

Our expert people meet the criteria needed that will allow them the correct security clearances to work in highly sensitive areas such as this. 

It is our experience that helps us to better understand the way in which customers would like us to work and respond with appropriate solutions.  We understand the expectations of working in this environment and we are confident that we will deliver a security solution that works for you with minimal disruption to daily activities.

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