Pointer has a long and proud history, stretching over 47 years and counting! We are proud of how it has shaped the company today.

1972-1973 – The company began trading in Glasgow and gained NACOSS(NSI) recognition and certification. The founder, Bob Rowan, laid the groundwork for Pointer by creating the company with our key values at the forefront. Values which we still abide by today.

1976 –   The first group of apprentices were employed. We originally supported our apprentices through external training at a local college. This is a programme that we still focus on to this very day. Engineers hand pick apprentices and train them in physical and cyber security solutions. This gives them the skills and more importantly, the opportunity to develop themselves and their career. This Apprenticeship programme is very important to Pointer and we will continue this work for years to come.

1992 – This is when we first received our ISO9001 standard attained for our Quality management systems. This standard shows that we ensure products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved. Customers can be assured that we deliver to the best of our abilities every time.

1995 – The success of the Glasgow branch meant that there was a need to expand and we opened our first England branch. This allowed us to branch out further in the UK and provide a hub from which engineers can work from and respond to customer needs faster. In this year, we also started training our apprentices ‘in house’. We opportunity that we had the potential to train our own apprentices within our own offices and we received recognition as an accredited training centre.

1996 – Due to the success of our apprentice programme and various other training opportunities for employees, we gained our Investors in People Gold accreditation. This is accredited to companies who can show that they evolve their talent and develop a supportive and engaging people management strategy. We were delighted to gain this as not only have we made our customers happy, but our employees are growing with us in a positive way and enjoy their experience with us and the opportunities that we resent to them.

1999 – Due to further expansion and growing demand there was a need for a UK Major Projects Division. This was created to deal with large scale projects that we were dealing with. It allows us to put in place the proper management structure to deal with these projects in a timely manner without compromising the integrity of our service. This was a big step for Pointer in terms of scaling up the business.

2001 – Due to demand, we established Pointer Asia in Bangkok. This is a sub brand of Pointer Ltd and it deals with specialist security solutions in Asia. They deal with major clients in similar sectors that the UK branches deal with.

2004 – We created a Fire Division of Pointer both in Scotland and England. This allows us to better focus and specialise in key areas. Often when people are seeking security solutions, they also want to incorporate their fire safety alarms for a unified system. We wanted to be able to offer customers the full package and Pointer Fire has enabled us to do this.

2007 – Pointer have achieved ISO14001 for our Environmental & Sustainability systems. This helps us to minimise how our operations may negatively impact the environment. It shows that we fully comply with applicable laws and regulations and that our team is trained to deal with this accordingly. We also strive to improve on our footprint daily with sustainable initiatives both in office and on site with customers.

Also in this year, the Glasgow office opened their Learning & Development Centre. This centre focuses on providing training for employees on site so that we can train employees efficiently so that they are prepared for upcoming projects in advance. It also helps with our ongoing apprenticeship programme. We have a Learning and Development Officer on site to train as well as to plan for the future on what training could help to benefit the team and our customers.

2008 – We became Cisco Certified in ATP Physical Security. This shows that we have the knowledge and capabilities to install their products safely and effectively. We are still partnered with Cisco to this day so we can provide excellence to our customers.

2010 – We achieved our OHSAS 18001 registration for our Health & Safety management systems. This provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within the workplace

2012 – We were delighted to receive the largest ever single-site contract awarded for a new-build prison in Scotland. This was a great opportunity for us, and we successfully delivered a specialist security solution specific to their needs.

2015 – Registered to ISO27001 for our Information Security systems.  This framework is for all of our policies and procedures, including all legal, physical and technical controls involved on an organisation’s information risk management processes.

2017 – Pointer received 100% Scores across the board in our Achilles UVDB Verify audit. This shows our customers that we are fully qualified to work in a utility’s environment in a safe and productive manner. To receive 100%, the team put in a lot of hard work and were ecstatic with the results.

2021 – We have achieved 100% Achilles score 4 years in a row, our design team has more than doubled in size and we supported our colleagues through a global pandemic to come out the other side stronger.