Modern Slavery Act / Human Trafficking

We have created Modern Slavery Act Risk Assessment of our suppliers checking for Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking / Equality / Bribery policies in place across their supply chain.


Any new suppliers are required to complete a supplier questionnaire which asks for compliance to the Modern Slavery Act. Existing suppliers are checked through their policies on their website or asked to provide their policies to ensure compliance.

Risk Assessment

We will assess each supplier on the importance of the products we purchase to the services we offer and their compliance to these policies. We will group suppliers based on strategic customers to analyse supply chain by customer. Any suppliers found to be non-compliant will be required to complete this process to allow us to assure our customers of compliance. This will be reviewed annually and approved by our Managing Director.

Staff Awareness

A toolbox talk is delivered to all our designers / managers / directors of the consequences of Modern Slavery / Bribery Acts and lay out our control measures laid out in our Risk Assessment. This includes contacting suppliers who fail to meet these requirements.

All new staff will be required to complete this toolbox talk as part of their induction process and staff who account manage and work with our supply chain will be required to complete the toolbox talk. The main items will be included in any refreshers.

Management Review – Control Measures and Residual Risk

The outputs from the risk assessment will be discussed at our Annual Management Review Meetings as part of our Management Systems and seek to create objectives, targets and programmes throughout the organisation.


We will produce reports of our risk assessment findings to clients if requested based on the suppliers identified in our supply chain

Below is a link to a report detailing our Corporate Responsibility