Our Apprenticeship Scheme

36% of our colleagues started as apprentices and 20% of those colleagues are now in senior job roles with us.

Training our own apprentices has been an integral part of our business since our founder Bob Rowan established the programme in 1976. Mr Rowan realized a need to train skilled people in order to meet the industry demand and provide us with the best people to look after our customers.

Since then, our programme has developed significantly, aligning ourselves with organisations such as Skills for Security and Skills Development to make sure that we can provide the best possible training for our apprentices. We have also developed our own training centre where our dedicated Learning and Development Officer can provide one on one support to each apprentice, preparing them for the world of work. This is further supported by training provided by our suppliers on their specific products, as well as ‘on the job’ experience that our engineers provide for them on a day to day basis.

Most of our apprentices stay with us after their apprenticeship programme and enter a full time job at Pointer.

We train apprentices all across the UK and recruit new apprentices every year. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for the most up to date information on what we can offer. Click here to see our 2022 E-Brochure containing further information about Fire and Electric Systems apprenticeships at Pointer.