Cyber Security

Threats to a Modern Business

Potential cyber-attacks can cause serious damage to your reputation which could lead to loss of clients and even possible prosecution if you have neglected to protect your customer’s details. All of this can be avoided if you implement a cost effective cyber secure solution with ongoing support to make sure your systems are always up to date and protected.

When looking for a security solution there are 3 key elements to consider, apart from the obvious things such as are the cameras covering the right areas? Have the doors got the right readers etc. The 3 key elements are:

  1. Security of the devices – integrity of hardware manufacture
  2. Security of deployment – cyber credentials of installer, systems configuration
  3. Security of network connectivity – Firewall, VPNs, port lock down
Security of Devices

When designing your security solution, we take extra care to work with credible suppliers to make sure that the integrity of your physical security, such as your IP Video cameras and Access Control panels are up to scratch. We only work with suppliers who can prove and document exactly how and where their products are made. We check out their Accreditations to make sure they meet our requirements in terms of quality. You can be rest assured that we only choose the best partners to ensure that our customers get the best experience.

Installing with Care

Another area of vulnerability is the installation of your security system. If your system is installed incorrectly this can leave your entire system wide open to cyber criminals. We use our own engineers, most of whom have been with us since our apprenticeship programme. We hold our employees to a high set of standards and values so that we can ensure that our engineers are reliable and trustworthy. We also are subject to external audits to prove to our customers that we train engineers to a high standard. Our accreditations can be viewed here

Securing your IT Network

The final stage of closing your security system off from external threats is to connect all of these components together and examine potential for external threats. We use encrypted data in transit. This means that all your data is encrypted as it moves around the network from camera to recorders. If we ever need remote access to your system to deal with any issues, we always use VPN technologies. This way we can use one-time access codes that are destroyed as soon as the work is completed so that the details can never be used again. Naturally we change all default settings on your physical security elements so that cyber criminals can not work their way into your system through network vulnerabilities.

Protecting your security system does not stop there, Cyber security is an ever changing environment which is why we maintain your system on a regular basis, keeping it up to date and making sure we deliver the most secure system to put your mind at ease