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Pointer Innovation

Every day, Pointer experts are always thinking of innovation. We cannot continue to protect customers unless we stay one step ahead of potential threats. That is why it is vital that we continue to innovate whether that be;

  • Employee development
  • Streamlining business activities
  • Improving products through realising opportunity
  • Updating networks

Choose the right partners

We work with the right partners who also put innovation as a top priority. We make sure that the suppliers we use are always looking for ways to improve their products to keep up with trends and to ensure that their products go above and beyond the industry standards. We regularly attend security conferences and exhibits across the world to make sure that we know what products and systems are out there so that we can deliver only the best to our customers.

Sharper ways of working

All employees are constantly evolving towards new and improved ways to work. We encourage employees to help learn and develop themselves personally, whether that be through courses and degrees or simply encouraging ideas of a better or more efficient way to work. We seek to inspire employees at every level to speak out if they feel something can be done better or more efficiently. Through this type of environment, we hope to make it achievable for people to progress within the company and seek the changes that benefit the entire company.

When designing solutions for our customers, we produce specialist innovative designs for each one. No two solutions are the same as all are specifically engineered to unique customer requirements. To keep these systems up to date, we offer maintenance options which assign responsibility to us to update networks and products on a regular basis. This way, we make sure that everything within your security systems is a step ahead of potential threats.

Innovation is not just a word, it is a key principle of what we do and how we do it. That way, we strengthen the barriers to make sure that all of our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they have Pointer on their side.