Support Contracts

A Support Contract that Works for your Business

 We are committed to giving our customers excellent service. Our core customer support packages are system health checks, Video system reporting, GDPR Auditing and Compliance and Cyber Security. We build our support contracts to meet your business needs.

We recognise that every business is different and therefore it is important to us that we develop a support contract to match what you want and need. 

You don’t need to be an existing customer to take advantage of our support packages, we can take on existing systems too.

We provide a range of security audits which can be included in a support contract, or purchased as a stand alone system check. After each audit, we’ll provide a report detailing where the system meets your requirements, any risks to the system and our recommended improvements.

1. System Health Check

We check all elements of your system. This includes making sure everything is functioning correctly and safely. Our engineers follow a detailed check list on their Health Check visit. A full health check will signal any issues that could potentially cause an issue in the future.

2. Privacy Impact Assessments

A business operating security systems is subject to GDPR responsibilities and penalties.

Pointer’s Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) identify security system data risks and show how to prevent them. During this assessment, our experienced consultants will check every camera field of view to ensure compliance with GDPR, providing you with peace of mind. Our Compliance Manager verifies these assessments and we compile a report which confirms compliance and contains any actions needed to make your system GDPR compliant.

Any systems that Pointer install are GDPR compliant at the point of installation, however your environment is constantly changing and so it is important to regularly check that these changes haven’t affected your GDPR compliance.

Click on the link below for more information about how you can add this to your personalised support package.

3. Video Systems Status Reporter

Your video systems are used to protect your people, assets, customers, reputation and property.
We want to ensure they stay that way, which is why we offer a maintenance service with a difference.

This Status report makes sure that you know about a fault before it affects your video footage and proactively resolves Faults, Tampering, or Vandalism – before they become critical. You don’t want to find out that there is an issue with your cameras at the key moment that you need camera footage!

By automatically checking the status of your Video systems 24/7 we can ensure they are operational when you need them most. 

We can proactively and remotely analyse your Video system on a constant basis providing real time information on overall performance including;

  • System Connection
  • Camera Failure
  • Disk Recording
  • Record Duration
  • Time Accuracy
  • Image Integrity

4. Cyber Security Audit

The cyber security threat to business is real, and is growing year on year. Cyber-attacks can cause serious damage to your reputation, which could lead to loss of clients and even possible prosecution if you have neglected to protect your customers’ details. All of this can be avoided if you implement a cost effective cyber secure solution with ongoing support to make sure your systems are always up to date and protected. Our cyber security audits check for system vulnerabilities before they are exploited by outside attacks ensuring  that your security system is safe. 

Pointer can audit your security network. We can do this either remotely or onsite depending on your system capabilities. We take a 3 pronged approach to this;

  1. Security of Devices
  2. Security of Deployment
  3. Security of Network Connectivity