Protecting your students and colleagues is of paramount importance. We can manage your project no matter the scale or spread of your campus.

With innovative solutions from our partners we are can provide a range of options that will be invaluable to your Universities security and fire needs, including;

Space Utilisation

Using access cards and CCTV, we can generate reports to show you how efficiently spaces are used so that you can use the space to its full potential. We know that you pay for your space and if a large lecture hall is only getting used at half capacity, the generated report will let you know. It will also help you  more efficiently manage maintenance costs. You can find out what access points are used the most and least and adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly.

Inactivity Alerts

We have experience installing software which can create action plans for students that you have identified as vulnerable. This means that you can receive alerts if their activity isn’t what it normally is. For example if a student who has notified you of health conditions hasn’t used their access credentials in a predetermined time frame, a high priority alarm can be sent to someone to investigate and check on their wellbeing.

Push Notifications

If you have a security or fire incident in one of your buildings, you can set automatic push alerts to let people know that they either need to evacuate the building or avoid that area until the incident has been resolved

Mobile Mustering

In the case of an evacuation event, security personnel can use mobile devices to make sure that all persons who were in the building have now safely made it to a designated muster point. This provides real time information of who should be in the area.

Get in touch today to chat to an experienced advisors about the issues that you are facing and we can come up with a solution to benefit you, your students and your colleagues.