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Pointer have almost 20 years’ experience in this sector, working both directly with the utility companies and Joint Ventures with contractors.

We have installed, serviced and maintained a variety of technologies at these sites including IP video, Access Control, Hatch Protection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems and many more. Our strong relationships with partners, mean that we have access to complex, hi-tech technologies and software such as Watercress, which allows us to carry out this niche work.

Our employees have their EUSR water hygiene accreditations and Pointer is Achilles UVBD certified, making sure we are qualified to work in this type of environment by meeting all specifications and standards required. We are equally capable of working on remote sites such as Water Treatment Works, aqueducts and reservoirs as we are, in large depots in major cities.


With more than a decade worth of experience in this sector, we are confident working with both distribution and transmission sites across the UK.

We have a number of staff who have gained ‘Authorised’ accreditation through experience of working within a live substation environment across multiple sites. The ‘authorised’ staff are permitted to sign on to a ‘Limitation of Access’ permit within a live substation which allows them to work unsupervised within the substation and also permits them to supervise others as required. These qualifications make it possible for us to work on CNI graded sites safely and efficiently.

Again, much like the water sector, we have access to the appropriate complex technologies and software due to our strong partner relationships. This ensures that we have the resources to create the best system for the job to ensure the best outcome.

We are also Achilles UVBD accredited for our work on electricity sites, coupled with our years of experience, we are confident in our workings in this sector.


Pointer’s design team have the experience to design systems to G17 standards. The engineering team have SCO and EUSR SHEA Gas accreditations to allow them to work on live gas sites.