Our experience in the Utilities Sector has equipped us with the knowledge and the Accreditations to meet and exceed customers expectations and needs in the Water Industry, Power, Gas and more recently Battery Storage Facilities


With more than a decade worth of experience in this sector, we are confident working with both distribution and transmission sites across the UK.

A number of colleagues have gained ‘Authorised’ accreditation through experience of working within a live substation environment across multiple sites. The ‘authorised’ staff are permitted to sign on to a ‘Limitation of Access’ permit within a live substation. This allows them to work unsupervised within the substation and also permits them to supervise others as required. These qualifications make it possible for us to work on CNI graded sites safely and efficiently.

We are also Achilles UVBD accredited for our work on electricity sites, having achieved a 100% score in our Achilles audit, 4 years in a row.

Fully Accredited

We are accredited to a high standard which allows us to work on complex projects in challenging environments. We have scored 100% on our Achilles Audit, 4 years in a row!

Lithium Ion Battery Storage Facilities

More recently we have been working on a battery storage facility for our customers, managing the project from start to finish. Our primary focus is on ‘Management and Control’, with experience in combining various preventative measures and technologies. Making sure that potential fire and security risks are caught early so that major incidents can be prevented.

Working closely with expert battery storage consultants, we strive to better understand challenges that our customers face as well as keeping up to date with developing industry standards, both now and in the future.

We are Brand Agnostic!

Our technologies are chosen to benefit our customers, not our suppliers. Engineers can work with many different technologies so we can choose from a wide range of options benefit our customers. Find out who we work with.


Pointer have over 20 years’ experience in the water industry, working both directly with the utility companies and Joint Ventures with contractors.

During this time we have designed, installed, serviced and maintained a variety of Security and Fire technologies at water facilities. More specifically we are approved Watercress Integrators, which is necessary for our customer’s hatch protection needs. Our design team work on custom designs for utilities projects and are experts in combining a wide range of technologies to allow for smooth integration.

Our employees have their EUSR water hygiene accreditations and Pointer is Achilles UVBD certified, ensuring we are qualified to work in this type of environment. We are capable of working on remote sites such as Water Treatment Works, aqueducts and reservoirs as well as, in large depots in major cities.


Pointer’s design team have the experience to design systems to G17 standards. The engineering team have SCO and EUSR SHEA Gas accreditations to allow them to work on live gas sites.

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